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As a result of my experience as a sport fisherman and with the knowledge I have accumulated over the years, I have started to produce these humble artisan fishing lures.
The shape of the lures is designed to mimic the streamline silhouettes of the fish that are caught by predators.
Balsa wood is the unmistakable and unbeatable material from which they are made. Using hand-crafted balsa wood, individually adjusted for each decoy, I have created an extraordinary swimming effect.(video see)
Other materials I use are polycarbonate, stainless steel, polyurethane, various fabrics, fibre glass and next generation epoxy resins, which offer the greatest UV resistance. With these materials I have created compact, robust lures which are very resistant to the saline environment.
In both spinning where there are frequent blows against the rocks, and in sport fishing from boats where the lures fight against the teeth of the great fish, these lures have proved their resilience and toughness time and again.
The objective of this Website is the personal satisfaction of knowing that the imagination that I put into every lure which I make will be appreciated by any fisherman like me, anywhere in the World and that it will help to make their fishing trip more productive.


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